What Are The Functions Of Silicone Insulation Pad?

- Mar 22, 2018-

    As the name suggests, the material of silicone insulation pad is the use of environmentally friendly silicone. Silicone thermal insulation mats are made of silicone, which has been made through open-mold-glue-cutting-oil-pressure forming-removal flash-secondary vulcanization-packaging-shipment production processes. Silicone insulation is very strong, tolerable temperature range of -40 degrees to +230 degrees, does not fade, environmental health and safety is easy to clean, there are anti-slip function!

   The color of the silicone insulation pad is rich and varied, as can be seen from the pictures we provide. Silicone is a kind of material that is easy to color, soft and not easily deformed, and the lovely color is favored by the majority of consumers!

Silicone insulation pad is used for what? The main function is for thermal insulation, and the main scope of use is at our table. Nowadays, tables are generally not solid wood. Most of them are glass or marble, so they need to be well protected. The silicone insulation pad allows us to rest assured that the hot meals or the tea is served on the table. With the silicone insulation pad, there is no need to worry about the table bursting.

    Silicone Potholder Benefits: Free to decide on specifications. Bowls and plates in your own home are naturally large and small, so the size of the silicone insulation pad is not the same. So, we produced a whole piece of silicone insulation pad. Of course, the color of each piece is different. Then it is made into various sizes according to the customer's requirements.