What Are The Powerful Performance Advantages Of Silicone Products?

- Mar 28, 2018-

Silicone has been used in all walks of life. The wide application of silicone is due to its powerful performance advantages:

1, because silicone rubber is organic, can imitate organic substances, such as corals, crickets, etc.;

2. Silicone rubber material is easy to plasticity, and can be melted to create a variety of unique shapes;

3, good acid and alkali resistance, easy to wear on the human body, corrosion, aging, cracking;

4, silicone rubber material is easy to color, can produce a variety of jewelry changes in color;

5, silicone rubber material is not easy to deformation;

6, silicone rubber material is not toxic to the human body;

Silicone manufacturers believe that because silicone has such a powerful performance advantage, it can be widely used!