What Are The Uses Of Silicone Products In Chemistry?

- Mar 21, 2018-

  1. Used for the sealing of the ash door under the gas furnace

  The temperature of the ash door under the gasifier is usually below 200 degrees Celsius. Sometimes there is an open flame. Asbestos packing has been used in the past. Because of the high temperature slag slag, water and gas erosion, there are problems such as short service life and severe leakage and air leakage. . The use of a circular, trapezoidal, or dovetail-shaped hollow glue stick limited by Shin-Etsu's original silica gel material instead of asbestos packing seals the service life of up to February - 1 year, thereby improving the operating environment and reducing the number of repairs. Now it has been promoted in the application of ash gates in gasifiers of chemical fertilizer plants and chemical plants.

  When using, please note that: Shin-Etsu Silicone Material Standard and Dovetail Groomer Standard are necessary. When using the device, use hand and blunt object to press the profile into the dovetail groove. Do not use sharp knife to prevent piercing of the silicone material to ensure that it does not leak water. In the case of airtightness, do not press too tightly. Use water to flush after each ash, to prevent ash from crushing the profiles and forming a poor seal.

  2. Used for chemical plant valves, stem seals

  Chemicals produce many valves. All kinds of valves and stems have been filled with asbestos in the past. Because of lack of elasticity, leaks do not occur for a long time. According to different media, temperature and application site selection of the right silicone materials, restricted to a different standard round or X-shaped section profiles, when sealing the valve, stem, the bottom of the filler culvert is still filled with asbestos packing, the upper part Just add 1-3 rings of silicone rubber profiles to achieve outstanding sealing effect. The application time is up to February - 1 year.

  When using, pay attention to matters: after the device is not leaking material is appropriate, the gland should not be pressed too tightly, to prevent crushed silicone profiles or rolling valves when the laborious, the device should not change the round packing, device X-shaped profile should be flat.