What Circumstances The Quality Of Silicone Products Will Be Affected?

- Apr 16, 2018-

Four factors that affect the quality of silicone products:

The quality of silicone raw materials will cause the silicone products to be difficult to remove. The poor quality silicone raw materials have insufficient toughness and tear strength, and they are certainly difficult to remove in the process of demolition.

The molding of products in the molding process is relatively thick, so the burrs are actually quite thick, and the increase in the thickness definitely leads to the difficulty of demolition.

Molding mold problems, if the mold from the demolition of the design is unreasonable, the molding mold is used too long, the molding mold wear is serious, the molding mold quality, such as off these conditions will lead to production after molding is difficult to remove the edge.

The vulcanization environment factors, the vulcanization temperature should be suitable, too high and low problems will lead to difficult to remove the edge, at the same time the vulcanization time also need to be well controlled, too long vulcanization time will cause the product to become brittle, curing time is too short will lead to The vulcanization step has no effect, so the vulcanization must be controlled.