What Is An Avocado Slicer?

- May 27, 2018-

  An avocado slicer is a kitchen tool which is designed to facilitate the cutting and peeling of avocados. These tasty fruits can be difficult and messy to handle in the kitchen, especially when they are extremely ripe. Using an avocado slicer ensures that all the edible flesh is removed, with minimal mess. 


  Both plastic and metal are used to make avocado slicers. The basic construction remains the same. An avocado sliver has a long handle attached to a rounded blade. Inside the blade, a small series of plastic blades or wires are mounted. After an avocado has been cut in half and pitted, the avocado slicer can be dragged along inside the peel, cutting neatly even slices of avocado and also separating the fruit from the peel. An avocado slicer is designed with a great deal of flexibility, so that it can be used on avocados of all sizes.