What Is The Definition Of Bad Product In Silicone Products?

- Mar 09, 2018-

  How to distinguish the quality of the product? How can we see the quality of the product? So each industry and each brand's product quality is different, so the requirements will be different, such as some well-known brands, import and export products, jewelry parts and other appearance are more stringent, the definition of the quality of the product are different, then in the silicone products industry What is the definition and control of quality in China?

  The definition of the quality of silicone products can be divided into several types, and different products can meet different requirements.

  1. the poor definition of the appearance of silicone products on the processing of custom

Appearance mainly refers to some decorations, silicone bracelets, clothing accessories and other materials, and this type of product is mainly the need for silicone products manufacturers to control the appearance, such as different degrees of hardness and softness, the appearance of black spots impurities, the surface from the drum package Bubble, etc., quality is not impossible at all, but it can be controlled in a certain range that is a distinction between good and bad, but the specific requirements also need to be defined according to customer requirements!

  2. Bad definition of quality grade of food grade silicone products

Speaking of the fact that food grades are generally classified as export quality or contact with life, in addition to the above requirements for appearance, more stringent materials are needed, whether they can achieve complete tastelessness, high transparency, no response to skin contact, and any detection of materials. Certification can be passed to achieve the material requirements!

  3. The definition of the quality of the product structure of precision silicone accessories