What Is The Difference Between A Silicone Pad And A Rubber Pad?

- Apr 26, 2018-

  What is the difference between a silicone pad and a rubber pad? In the use of silicone mats, we apply different environmental situations, so for some occasions we have different applications of silicone and rubber, and the use of different effects and characteristics. Silicone products are also a kind of rubber products. The difference between silicone and rubber is toxic and non-toxic. The burning of both silicones does not open fire. When it burns, the smoke is white. When the rubber burns, it is black smoke. The pungent is black and has a very strong taste.

  Today's silicone products manufacturers use non-toxic environmentally friendly synthetic rubber and natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is neoprene, butadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber. The structure of natural rubber is a high polymer. When rubber is deformed by zigzagging of external force, it can quickly recover, and has good chemical stability and mechanical properties. It has good flexibility, can be used in some high and low temperature applications, and rubber products are less than the use of silicone products for low temperature applications, in many ways we now choose to use silicone products instead of rubber seats.

  The rubber products are now commonly used in our industrial manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing agro-industrial manufacturing, in the production process due to the elasticity of rubber can not wear out, the product has an unstable hardness contraction, after a period of time to stabilize the stability of the cohesion, so In the production of mold cooperation and calculations must be careful, or prone to adverse conditions, and rubber and silicone contrast, rubber performance is often not a comprehensive silicone products, silica gel used in the family, in the use of food, are very consistent The needs of many friends, and for many friends, rubber is odorous, toxic, and rarely used in life, so now the rubber products are basically used in some industrial manufacturing. Because silicone is relatively expensive compared to rubber, it is In the same performance, choose rubber material.