What Kind Of Material Is Better For The Insulation Pad?

- Mar 22, 2018-

    In the daily life of home, the insulation pad is almost a common item on the table. Many people use hot-insulated mats to place food utensils when they have soup or hot food. They can protect their own table and burn their faces. Second, they can decorate the table, but many people do The material of the mat is still a little understanding, I do not know whether it is environmental protection and health. What kind of material is better for the insulation pad?

    Why silicone insulation pad manufacturers recommend using silicone material? The main reasons are the low carbon environmental protection of silica gel materials, non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip, heat insulation, shockproof, easy to clean, high and low temperature resistance, durability, etc. In addition, the use of food grade silica gel, in line with the FDA and Europe and the United States LFGB food grade safety certification, this is Other material insulation pads are unmatched.

    In the past, most households chose to use fabric materials, bamboo placemats, PVC placemats, TPU placemats, plastic insulation mats, and so on. Until 2008, European and American countries began to use silicone materials to make insulation pads. Before making silicone products such as mat insulation pads, silicone materials are generally used in aviation, medical, seals and other industries.

    In 2008, these developed countries in Europe and the United States first began to use silicone materials to make daily necessities, such as silicone ice molds, silicone gifts, etc. Silicone insulation mats also slowly became popular. Nowadays, insulation pads made of silicone material are used in homes, hotels, coffee shops, etc. in Europe, America and Japan. Nowadays, the general home decoration is more exquisite. If you use other materials, it is easy to wear the surface of the table, scratch, etc., while the silicone material is soft, non-slip, shockproof and environmentally friendly, especially suitable for decorations, but also very The surface of the table is well protected from scalding or scratching.