What Kind Of Material Is Good For Cutting Board Rack?

- Apr 11, 2018-

  Stainless steel cutting board rack

  The stainless steel cutting board rack is one of the most popular styles of cutting board racks, because stainless steel is durable, lightweight, easy to wash, and beautiful. Stainless steel cutting board racks add a metallic feel to the kitchen and the cleanliness is very good. And the metal is relatively strong and does not worry about the wear caused by the use. Stainless steel is stained with oil and it is not easy to produce mold. Stainless steel cutting boards also have a style that incorporates glass, and are also very beautiful and practical. However, the use of stainless steel cutting board should pay attention to the use of waterproof, although it has a layer of waterproof paint on the surface, but after a long time use of waterproof resistance will drop, easy to rust. Once rusty, it will destroy the solid structure and will not be far away from the replacement.

  Plastic cutting board rack

  Plastic materials are cheap, so plastic cutting boards are generally cheaper. The plastic cutting board holder has good mold resistance and is light in weight and easy to use. However, the use of plastic cutting boards during wear will be more serious and prone to scratches. And can not touch the high temperature, the principle should be near the fire and power supply, in order to avoid deformation of the plastic cutting board rack, or security risks. Another plastic cutting board should pay attention to cleaning, because the longer the use, the more fragile plastic material, cleaning do not use too much force, but do not apply wire brush and other items to scrub.

  Wooden bamboo cutting board rack

  The use of wooden bamboo cutting board racks using the original ecological materials, without chemical processing, non-toxic harmless, the best environmental protection. Wood bamboo material is durable, not afraid of high temperature deformation, and its natural texture is very beautiful, full of rural atmosphere, can be integrated with furniture decoration. However, due to its own material properties, wood and bamboo materials require special attention to dehumidification and ventilation during use, otherwise it is easy to grow mold. If long mold spots occur, do not use a knife to scrape the mold. Use white vinegar for cleaning. Usually used to wipe edible oil for maintenance, can increase the service life.