What Material Of Tableware Good For Children

- Jul 23, 2018-

1.Imitation porcelain tableware

Advantage:Soft texture, smooth as China but very thin, not afraid of falling deformation, thermal insulation  performance is also good and not hot.

Disadvantage:Imitation porcelain tableware production is more complex, so it is easy to adulterate.Many companies have replaced the normal resin material with the toxic urea-formaldehyde moulding powder, which is much cheaper.

2.Plastic cutlery

Advantage:Looks good, can let the baby have more interest to eat, and prevent fall.

Disadvantage:Easy to adhere to oil scale, difficult to clean, easy to edge and edge after friction, resulting in unsafe.

3.Stainless steel tableware

Advantage:Good scrub, not easy to breed bacteria, less chemical elements, suitable for drinking water.

Disadvantage:Easy to burn, the content of heavy metal unqualified to harm health.You can't keep soups for long because they often contain acids that dissolve the nickel and chromium in substandard stainless steel cutlery. These heavy metals are eaten into the baby's stomach and can affect brain and heart health.