What Problems The Silicon Cake Mold In The Use Of The Process Should Pay Attention To?

- Apr 17, 2018-

  Clean the baking tray. Do not use abrasive soap and cleaning materials to clean the silicone cake mold. In the cleaning process, it is safe to soak in warm soapy water or use the dishwasher.

  Use the microwave oven. You can directly place the baking tray directly in the middle of your microwave oven or turntable.

  Cooling time is very short after the bakeware is removed from the oven.

  Bakeware deformation, because it is a kind of silicone products, can be changed back to its original shape soon after bending.

  Cool cooking, silicone baking molds are good for cold cooking, like jellies, ice cream and frozen desserts.

  Used in the oven, place the baking mold on the baking platter so that it can be easily placed and moved from the oven. Make sure to evenly bake the butter on the baking tray. Bake slightly shorter than the metal pan. Always follow the instructions for oiling the pan. Directions for use After removing the pan from the oven, allow the pan to be removed before the pan cools completely. . The bakeware takes about two minutes to cool before it can be touched. When removing the cake or muffin from the baking tray, turn it over and concentrate on the tray.