What To Look When Buying Utensils For Your Non-stick Cookware

- Dec 01, 2017-

Safety: Cooking utensils should be manufactured from safe food-contact materials. Look for FDA-approved materials that won’t chemically react with acidic or hot foods.

No-scratch feature: To avoid damage of scratch-sensitive interior coating, select utensils that are made of scratch-friendly materials for non-stick pots and pans. Also look for ergonomic design and smooth finish.

One-piece design: One-piece cooking tools are less likely to fall apart. In addition, the food usually gets trapped in the area where the handle and the body meet. One-piece utensils are more hygienic because there are no areas for bacteria to hide and multiply.

Hanging loops: A hanging hole at the end of each utensil offers more storing possibilities. Instead of keeping them in the drawer, you can hang them on the utensil holder or on the kitchen wall.

Maintenance: Your cooking utensils should be easy to handle and clean. Dishwasher safe or bacteria-resistant materials are a more convenient option than those that requires special care to remain clean and nice-looking.