What Are The Benefits Of Silicone Cleansing Brush?

- Mar 09, 2018-

 What is a cleansing brush? Some friends may not have heard of it, and some friends may have already exploded this silicone daily necessities. So what practicalities does this stuff have? Do you understand?

  Silicone Cleansing Brush: It belongs to the modern life daily skin care and maintenance magic. It has been available for nearly 5 years. It has been sought after by many female friends. The main effect is to clean the face and protect the skin. It is a soft brush head that can be said to be a pleasure when touching the skin! Currently 17 years ago, it began to become a popular cleansing device, adding electronic vibrations to make clean face more comfortable!

  Its craft is made by the silicone product manufacturer's hydraulic pressure molding and the liquid injection molding, uses the food grade silica gel material production, the material generally chooses from 30 degrees raw material to maintain the soft effect, moreover the high temperature vulcanization molding, achieves the poisonous environmental protection, resists the high At low temperatures, there is no conflict with the skin, and the main advantage lies in the convenience, compactness, cleanliness, and the advantages of materials and shapes are not inferior to other materials.

 The appearance of the cleansing brush comes mainly from Korea. At the beginning, it was chosen to use a fiber brush material to experience the effect. It is not ideal for the skin massage to come up with a bold idea. The result was unexpected. Until now, the facial cleansing brush products have been sold hot in the world. From the manual to the electric replacement, and now the brand agency is gradually forming a trend, relying on the user experience and consumer feedback to get the current diversified design and sell like hot cakes!