Whisk The Buying Skills

- Sep 29, 2017-

Whisk the egg yolk and egg white will be used to break up the full integration into the egg yolk and egg white, alone will hit the foaming tool. You can easily and quickly put the egg white and yolk. Full integration into the egg, in order to make steamed cake etc..

1, look at the brand. Suggest that we buy more well-known brands, bears, passengers and Pu are good, after-sale more secure.

2, function: if only to pass the egg, the amount is not much, buy a hand mixer can, if you want a bit more convenient, can buy a multi-function electric mixer, it is best to bear like base type mixer, and surface, eggs, making jam, it good is not have to hand in one hand and a bowl whisk to pass the egg white, used to make the cake and pastry is labor-saving.

3, look at the price. General electric hand-held whisk prices will Yibaiduoduo dollars, suggest that you buy a well-known brand. A bucket can be a little more expensive, but it's convenient.