Why The Insulation Pad Is Good?

- Apr 16, 2018-

   In recent years, the fashion table has been quietly popping up as a heat-insulating mat, and changing the insulation mat as much as changing the dishes constantly will surely give people an appetite. Place a few heat-insulating mats on the dining table. Different arrangements can show different dining experiences. It enables the material of the tabletop to be highlighted by the color of this group of insulation mats, even with the modern decoration of the home, can easily show the fashionable taste! Let you create a five-star with a simple and fast The home atmosphere adds an elegant atmosphere to the home environment.

   The current export volume of insulation mats is increasing at a rate of 25% every year. The domestic demand in China is also growing at a rate of 30% every year. In particular, silicone insulation mats are more popular among consumers! Nowadays, five-star hotels, high-end restaurants and home-improvement restaurants are all basically using silicone-insulated thermal insulation mats, which are more environmentally friendly and graded. Insulation mats must not be placed on tableware, and silicone-based insulation mats can also be used as heat-insulating gloves. It is very practical!