Will You Scientifically Use A Variety Of Kitchenware?

- Apr 17, 2018-

   In the family kitchen, pots and pans are indispensable. Different kitchen utensils have different functions and different functions.

   Plastic tableware Do not store oil for a long time Plastics are synthetic polymer compounds that contain some chemical substances. The long-term storage of edible oils and fats and oils can easily release harmful substances. It is also not suitable to hold boiling water. After each use of plastic utensils, they should be washed and put away immediately. Edible oil packaging plastic barrels, generally made of special plastic, the best choice for the purchase of edible oil brand, reputable. After the oil has been eaten, plastic buckets should not be reused as much as possible.

  Aluminum pans should not be stored meals will be placed in the aluminum pan for a long time, the salt in the food will destroy the protective film on the surface of the aluminum pan, not only damage the aluminum pan, but also dissolved aluminum molecules in the meals. Eating foods containing aluminum can affect the body's metabolism.

   Stainless steel pots should not be used for Chinese medicine Traditional Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and various types of biochemical substances. Using stainless steel pans or iron pans for medicines, under heating conditions, a variety of chemical reactions with stainless steel or iron can occur, causing the drug to fail, or even produce Certainly toxic.

   Do not cook food with enamel pots Various enamel products are coated with a layer of enamel on the outer surface of iron products. There are lead compounds harmful to the human body. The acid, alkali, salt and other ingredients in food can react chemically with lead compounds. It is best not to use enamel pots, enamel bowls to cook food, and not to hold acidic foods.

   Not all glass utensils are heat-resistant There are many varieties of glass that make cutlery, and only heat-resistant glass is suitable for use in microwaves and ovens. Regardless of the material, all the glass dishes are heated at high temperature and there is a great safety risk.