Wonderful Ideas! What Kind Of Foods Can You Personally Freeze With Ice Trays?

- Apr 07, 2018-

What was left was leftovers and it was sweating. If there is still a little bit of food left every day, what should you do? Most people estimate that they will answer: Put them in the refrigerator and use them later. But often we forget about where we put these dishes in the fridge at the time. Some of the leftovers that have been stored for a long time are not ready to be eaten until they are remembered. They must be thrown away. With! You can pour the leftover ketchup and freeze it in an ice cube. Not only can the ketchup be stored, but soon, many other leftovers are put into an ice tray. This makes the fridge instantly full of instant ingredients. .

   Although small grain grain is thrown, diligence saves the name. It's easy to freeze food with ice cubes, and it's actually very easy. Buy an ice tray, put the leftovers in, and put them directly into the frozen layer, or remove them from the ice cubes after freezing and put them back in a well-labeled refrigerator. When you need to use them, unfreeze them. With this method, you can then try to use the ice tray to store the following foods.

1. Curry sauce: Remembering a weekday dinner, you made a delicious Thai curry with homemade curry sauce, but after putting the leftover sauce in the refrigerator, you never thought about it, and you throw it away. . Next time, you can use the ice tray to keep it longer.

2. Milk and coffee: frozen coffee and / or frozen milk is the ultimate weapon to upgrade ice coffee - so that you do not need to specially prepared ice. Goodbye, bleak iced coffee.

3. Spices olive oil: There are only two recipes for rosemary, but your kitchen now has a whole, the next meal is not used. Don't throw it, place it in an ice tray, pour olive oil, and come up with the perfect perfume oil next time. Other herbs, such as thyme, oregano and sage, can be preserved as such.

4. Cookie Dough: This is not common, but there are still so many times. You just want to eat a couple of cookies.

Choose A: Bake a whole batch of cookies and then eat them all who can resist this deliciousness?

Select B: Pre-freeze the dough of the cookie and only take the ingredients you want to eat at a time.

5. Fruit and vegetable puree used as a morning smoothie: If you are too lazy to clean Smoothie ingredients, peel and cut in the morning, you can whip the fruit trees into mud, squeeze them into juice, and then freeze them. The next morning you can easily drink your favorite smoothie!

6. Turn a small amount of leftovers into sauces: No matter what you do, there will certainly be some leftoversa little coconut milk or vegetable broth, lemon juice, a tablespoon of pickled sauce, or caramelized onions that no one wants to eat. All of them are frozen in an ice cube, and the next time you make sauce, you can use it directly.

7. Make summer cooler yogurt: This is probably one of the simplest cool summer drinks. Beat the selected fruit, place it in an ice tray, and pour yoghurt. After freezing, you can enjoy yogurt stick ice at any time!

8. Fun ice tray: Make a new pattern of ice cubes.