Zesting An Orange With A Grater

- Apr 28, 2018-

  1. Prop the grater against a cutting board. If you are using a flat grater, hold the grater at an angle, one end resting against the cutting board. If you are using a box grater, simply place the grater on the cutting board.

  2. Scrape the orange along the grater from top to bottom. Maintain enough pressure to remove the top layer of the rind. Take off only the rind of the orange's skin, and not the white pith, which tastes bitter.

  3. Rotate the orange slightly after each scrape. Refrain from using any section of the orange more than once.

  4. Keep turning and scraping until the top layer of peel is removed. You should now have a pile of orange zest collected on your cutting board. Scoop it into a measuring cup to see how much you have.